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MIA Suite

MIA brings the clinic to you

With MIA, the patient can describe their medical complaint right from their smart device and safely forward it to their doctor. Our platform takes time-consuming tasks out of the doctor’s hands for a higher quality, patient-centric consultation.

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MIA Suite

MIA Suite

MIA Suite


Prepare for your physical consultation. Clarify your health concern intuitively from home, with the MIA Mobile app.


Use the MIA Mobile app for direct medical advice. Only visit your clinic when necessary.


Can your ailment be treated at home? Get digital personalized advice from your general practitioner.

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MIA Suite

Save time

Reduce your history-taking and administration time to stay on schedule or to better focus on your patients.

Automate expert tasks

Receive a fully generated patient history status well before you see or speak to your patients.


Automatically exchange relevant data with your own EHR environment without performing additional tedious actions.

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MIA Suite

Ease your work

Reduce work-pressure among GPs by automating time-consuming expert tasks, even from the waiting room.

For every patient

Enable patients without a smart device to prepare for their physical consultation, with the MIA 'In-Clinic' stand.


Use your patient's idle waiting time to gather their relevant medical information in advance.

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