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Discover the MIA Dashboard, your smart medical assistant

Reduce your workload. Save excessive questioning and typing. Retain control over your consultation hours.

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MIA In-Clinic

Use MIA Dashboard in a few easy steps

Clear and easy to use. Get your patients' full story at a glance. Do you want to be properly informed? With fully generated medical documentation, you know what to expect before seeing your patient. Pay better attention to your patient or finish the consultation faster.

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MIA Dashboard
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Sleek and supportive user interface

Reduce your consultation time by at least 30%. Reduce the time required for status management by at least 50%.

Automate the most time consuming tasks of the medical consultation. Without reducing quality of care.

Key features that set us apart from the rest

The MIA Dashboard functions as your personal medical guide. MIA prepares you for your contact with your GP using the following functions:

Provide your patients with advice with the Medical Advice Sending feature

Don't miss any urgent diagnoses with alarm symptom detection

Plan your virtual walk-in hours with ease

Save yourself typework with the medical documentation generator feature

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