MIA Suite

Experience the MIA 'In-Clinic' stand, your medical waiting room assistant

Capture your patient's story, while they wait.

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MIA In-Clinic

Easy to install and to use

The MIA 'In-Clinic' stand can be installed and used within the hour. The training for doctor's assistants takes no more than 30 minutes.

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MIA In-Clinic

Have patients clarify their health issue while waiting

Patients waste valuable time when waiting for an appointment. Why have them spend it reading magazines, if they can use that time to improve clinic efficiency?

In-Clinic digital assistant

Prepare patients for the medical consult, right from the waiting room

Walk-ins? Patients without the MIA Mobile app? No problem. They can use the MIA 'In-Clinic' stand effortlessly. It's that easy.

In-Clinic Accessibility Support

Quick, tailor-made medical history taking

Synchronizes with your patients' MIA account

Tell your story just once

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